Utility Trailers for Rent in Northwest Arkansas

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About Us

White River Equipment was founded in 2023 with the purpose of providing DIY individuals and small businesses with affordable equipment rentals.

Whatever you're hauling, we want to assist you in exceeding your goals to the best of our ability.

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How it works

1️⃣ Browse and book your Trailer

Select the trailer you need, and book for when you need it.

We will follow up by:

1) Sending you a $50 reservation deposit link which will go towards your rental booking. As well as a rental contract which can be signed via one click from your phone!

2). Requesting valid driver's license and current auto insurance.

2️⃣ Collect your Trailer

Once confirmed - we will send you a text, call, or email with all the information you need to pick the trailer up, and get rolling! Including video guidance to hook your trailer up and utilize all the features it offers!

3️⃣ Return your Trailer

Return the trailer, notify us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Frequently asked questions

Explore the FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your trailer journey with us.


  • Renting a trailer from our business is a straightforward process. Start by browsing our trailer inventory, which includes various types such as utility trailers, dump trailers, and car haulers.

    Once you've selected the trailer that suits your needs, specify your desired rental period and follow the checkout steps!

    We'll prepare the trailer for pickup at our rental location or arrange for delivery to your specified address. You can also choose any additional accessories or equipment you might need for your towing requirements. When your rental period is complete, return the trailer to our rental location or arrange for pickup.

  • If you encounter any issues or damages to the rented trailer during your use, please notify us promptly. We understand that unexpected situations can arise. Depending on the nature and extent of the issue or damage, we will assess and determine the necessary course of action. You may be responsible for repair or replacement costs, so it's advisable to review our rental agreement for specific terms and conditions related to trailer damages. Your prompt communication is appreciated, as it helps us maintain the quality of our rental equipment.

  • Yes, you can extend the rental period for a trailer if you require it for a longer duration than initially planned. To do so, please contact our team to discuss your needs and arrange for an extension. We will work with you to update the rental terms and ensure the continued availability of the trailer. Keep in mind that trailer availability may vary, so it's best to notify us about your extension needs as early as possible. We're committed to accommodating your changing towing requirements and want to be as flexible as we can be!